Chuck Martin is a songwriter, recording artist, music producer, and entertainer from Gainesville, FL. He has released eight albums of original music, most recently 2019's album "Are You In Love?"  Martin's music is sonic mélange, mixing elements of rock, blues, show tunes, jazz, and country. If his music were a living organism, it would have hybrid vigor - the power and potency derived from mixing of the genes.Martin can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, ITunes, CDBaby, etc.  

Chuck Martin is also a vocalist and plays lead and rhythm guitar. He performs live as a solo artist or with one of his bands - dblWiDE (rockabilly), The Righteous Kind (psychedelic rock), Trapped in Amber (jazz), and The Threetles (Beatles tribute). He is an extraordinary entertainer.Martin has been successful in placing his music in film and TV, and does for-hire songwriting, most recently penning an award-winning song for the US Department of Energy. He is a member of the National Recording Academy.